Beyond our ideas of right and wrong
there is a field. I'll meet you there.


Photo by Nicole Franzen

Perhaps every generation is so self-obsessed as to think they are different to those who have gone before. What if the world around them was as complex and confusing as today's world appears to us? Can you imagine first learning the world was flat?

There are so many reasons to celebrate today and still so much cause for concern. Advocateur is a time and space to think about the way we live - a moment to reflect on the influence we have on the world around us and how we intend to shape the future. 

Bringing together writers, artists, historians and visionaries to describe the world they see and the one they imagine. Creating bridges across time so wide that they will carry across all those who wish to travel. Exploring different ways to think about life and muse about unformed ideals and all the while trusting you will participate in this experiment and act out some of your dreams and challenge some of your fears. Don't hold back there's really nothing to lose.