Relationships are all there is...nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.
— Margaret Wheatley

On becoming ADVOCATEUR

Of course, like most things in life you know it when you see it. When you feel it. It's the searching through the rough to find the smooth. As you become more experienced you understand that the searching is an integral part of the process. Rough edges are softened and smoothed by experiences and by constant discovery and new growth. Your gifts, such as they are, in all their creative forms go to generate a unique celebration of human existence
in you. 


In 2010 I wrote a paper entitled 'Natural Born Neighbours?' where I wondered how neighbourhoods work and asked the question, 'are some people naturally gifted at being neighbourly with higher levels of empathy and a drive for social interrelationships?' If so, is this valuable capacity natural or can many more of us be nurtured to 'do the right thing by our neighbours?' How do we learn to be better at it and what are the benefits to each of us as individuals and then collectively as neighbourhoods, regions, nation states and the world at large? The seven years have been a journey of discovery. Some days Wonderland has felt very real to my Alice and I have both shrunk and expanded before my own eyes.

Sarah Farrugia


I have been taken to the limits of my understanding. My own worldview has been challenged countless times. Other days have offered exquisite, boundless joy. This is not an easy ride, nothing valuable ever will be. It is however deep, rich, rewarding and will go a long way to satisfying the competing dual human urges we each have for safety and security alongside curiosity and excitement. Be more advocative with us. Become whole, distinctive, find the inner drive that may have been lost over time or may have never been given the chance to shine.

Become ADVOCATEUR with us, through us. Together we will find new paths that have never been found before.

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