The Beckett Festival started in 1998 to support a whole community in Ireland. Samuel Beckett was one of the country's most prolific writers and is revered around the world. 

Nothing else matters but the writing, there has been nothing else worthwhile...a stain against the silence.
— Samuel Beckett

It's too easy to forget that creative talents can be outsiders in the world. They walk somehow apart from the daily life that many of us experience. Get a job says their family, says their community but they don't have that kind of choice. The voices in their head demand to be heard to be created to be realised as clearly as light demands the dawn. The Beckett Festival does many things and has been a resounding success apart from one small thing. Its financial resources - its future support and so how do we create ways to finance calls like these? That is the bigger question we face now. In the world of art today 20% of the money £22bn goes to 25 organisations. Of course those organisations are superb and unquestionably deserve funding...but how do the other 25,000,000 organisations sustain themselves. The invisible hand doesn't distribute its wealth quite as usefully as it might.